Why does newborn photography cost what it costs?

Posed newborn photography is one of the most expensive types of photography. It's custom photography.

It's a luxury.

First of all , your baby's comfort and safety are my absolute priorities. To prepare well I've invested

a lot of money in education and spent many , many hours doing workshops , courses, classes and trainings

on newborn posing and safety , including first aid course for newborns.

 All to ensure your baby is in safe hands.

For added comfort the session takes place at the comfort of your own home and it takes around 2 hours.

Again, your baby's comfort is very important so we never rush and I only book one session per day.

We can't plan an exact day of the session until baby is actually born as some of them come earlier

and some later than planned. I normally shoot newborns up to 21 days old  and the best time

is within the first two weeks of their lives , therefore there is a limited amount of sessions

I can book per month.

My work doesn't finish when I leave your house. Editing newborn sessions is much more time

consuming than most of other types of sessions. Newborn babies are perfect but their skin isn't.

The skin is very often peeling, red, yellow, purple, blotchy, covered with acne , and often all of the above.

I also have to pay myself for many hours spent editing.

All them lovely props: headbands, bonnets, hats, rompers, outfits, backdrops, bowls, baskets, etc.

 very often cost a little fortune. For hygienic reasons everything that comes in contact with a baby

is washed after every session. Since babies go to toilet many times during their session some

props get stained and have to be thrown away and replaced. 

Lets not forget that all the equipment like cameras, lenses, cards, computer, editing software but

also website, website hosting, memberships,  insurances, advertising materials cost thousands of pounds. 

I'm old-fashioned. I believe in prints you can touch and feel as USB sticks don't hang on the walls.

I provide my clients with the best quality , handmade products they will treasure forever.

While photography is a great passion of mine, it's not just a hobby. It's my business. 

I love what I do but I do pay taxes, insurances and have bills to pay like everyone else.